Alpha ALU sectional doors:
innovative trend-setters
    The Alpha ALU sectional door is of multi-partition glazed design. The partitions, or fields, can be infilled with various materials that are either opaque, partially transparent or fully transparent, offering maximum functionality and adequate scope for creative accents. It is possible to combine ALU door sections with microprofiled ISO panels to create uniquely modern and streamlined effects.
The RAL colour palette is very extensive and wickets doors can be incorporated in or placed next to the ALU sectional door. The individual sections and section fields, or partitions, can also be aligned to other elements of the building façade. Alpha ALU sectional doors are fully compliant with the EN13241-1 norm and have been awarded TüV Nord certification. This high quality sectional door blends in perfectly with modern styling trends in industrial and commercial architecture.

The Alpha sectional door is a visible statement of the quality you offer...
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