Alpha deuren International bv
Advanced production techniques and innovative product development have helped Alpha deuren International bv. achieve a leading position in the sectional door industry in Europe in just 10 years. The company was founded in Didam in 1995 by Managing Director E. Scheepers. High quality products, fast production processes and a 100% focus on manufacturing are the main ingredients of the company's success story. Advances in production methods have allowed annual volumes to grow from 1,000 to 35,000 doors in the space of 13 years.
Alpha Deuren offers the market both ISO and ALU sectional doors for industrial and commercial buildings and also supplies rapid action doors. With the recent introduction of sectional garage doors to the range, Alpha Deuren has also turned its attention to the residential construction market and the refurbishment market.
  Alpha Deuren supplies sectional doors via an extensive network of dealers in most European countries. Alpha Deuren limits its activities to production alone and does not compete with its own dealers on major projects.
Extremely efficient logistics processes automatically manage the complex task of gathering all the components for the sectional door packages together at a single warehouse location on an order by order basis. The individual sectional door packages are then automatically packed and despatched to their final destination by a dedicated transport company.

Alpha sectional doors; the door solution that you have been waiting for...

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