Fast-action doors from Alpha:
true vertical high-performers

Alpha, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of high-quality sectional doors, now also offers fast-action doors.
True to our motto of "quality and delivery consistency from just one supplier", we have adopted the same uncompromising approach for our fast-action high performance doors.
We offer a range of door designs for interior and exterior applications. Our classical external door, the SRS50 features a unique contact-free door panel winding mechanism, which combines blinding speed with precise, low-noise door operation. The aluminium door leaf with its well-defined, smoothly contoured surfaces is typical of modern industrial design.
The SRF35 and SRF60 doors, which are both equipped with fabric or PVC door curtains, maximise operational efficiency in interior and exterior applications. These door systems can be tailored to the demands of each individual customer application regardless of whether a basic or full-options specification is chosen. Not only do Alpha's fast-action doors satisfy the highest safety standards, they also make a substantial contribution to reducing plant energy costs.
As you would expect, all door safeties satisfy the stringent requirements of the European EN-13241-1 norm.

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