Alpha deuren International bv
  Ambitious goals have become reality in just 10 years.
Alpha deuren International BV has developed into a brand and that is a huge achievement; a true tour de force of which the entire team at Alpha deuren is rightfully proud. Our products are characterised by superior quality down to the smallest detail, a level of excellence that the market now recognises as distinctive of Alpha deuren. It is however Alpha deuren’s constructive and highly efficient
collaboration with an extensive network of dealers in effectively satisfying the needs of the markets throughout Europe that has made our company a force to be reckoned with in the door manufacturing industry. Alpha deuren, located in the East of the Netherlands, acts as a solid anchor point within this Europe-wide collaborative partnership; a production organisation that supports its dealers in every aspect. Our company does not sell directly to the market in competition
with our European dealer network. Alpha deuren only sells its products directly to dealers. This philosophy gives dealers the freedom they need to run their businesses as they see fit.
  Alpha deuren respects the position of its dealers in the market and has every confidence in the continued success of this philosophy in the future.
Quality and realistic pricing have attracted new customers to Alpha deuren as an industrial door brand. Their choice is reinforced by our industry-leading competence. This explains our focus on the development of ultra-modern production methods in order to manufacture high-quality precision products at very competitive prices, which are sold into the market via our dealers.
Production optimization is an ongoing process at Alpha deuren and driven by feedback from our production team and from our dealer network. Currently, we have 30,000 m2 at our disposal for the production of industrial doors: this facility has been laid out for maximum efficiency and is equipped with the very latest in
industrial automation. A new, cutting-edge production line will go into production in February 2009; yet another major step forward in achieving our goal of maximising the efficiency of our industrial door production.
Alpha deuren, a company with a dynamic past and a dynamic future.

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